For those who aren’t Smashing right now

Happy Smash Bros Ultimate release! For those that aren’t skipping the rating season to try to unlock Isabelle or cry after getting the Waluigi spirit why would you do this, Sakurai, I made a goof. Your friends of Whales and Games are statistic as well.

We’re still celebrating being able to participate again on the Ludum Dare jam, which has given us the possibility to create so many characters. The latest, from Ludum Dare 43, is Monetization Man, from Super Sellout, which you should totally give a try. Turns out, in a way, I’m kind of a sellout too, huh? ?

The team and the community are freakin’ busy smashing each other at the Whales and Games Discord Server, so if you wanna hop in, or share with us your game, or just hang out, you’re oh so very welcome. And if you’d like to stay in contact through more traditional social media, you can follow us through Twitter too, and tweet us if you unlock Isabelle before I do, so I get freaking jealous! Other than that, continue enjoying the rating season! ?

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