Happy Anniversary, Whipped and Steamy! Here’s ‘Bunny Splash Casino’, its spiritual successor adults-only game!

Q&A, because you likely have a ton of questions again?

But Why?

Likewise to Cosplay Café, the idea of Bunny Splash Casino is a concept that has been brewing in our minds for a while, and which we’ve pondered a lot about before deciding to start development on it. Yet, as we discussed the idea of going with this project, the same reasoning that we stated when we announced Cosplay Café reiterated itself here:

Ultimately for us, Whales And Games is about memorable experiences, games and characters, and as long as we can aim to achieve those, we’re willing to experiment with any age-gate as necessary.

As we started designing Bunny Splash Casino, our main concern was that we’d lose part of the message and character that existed in Cosplay Café. Yet, after much discussion, we’re confident that we’ll be able to portray our DNA, our ‘Whaleism‘ values, our polish and what makes our games tick with Bunny Splash Casino as much as any of our past previous projects.

This goes forth an even extra-step. Being our first-commercial game, we want to portray these aspects even more, and we believe we’ll deliver a lovable cast of characters, an engaging game, and more in a complete package, even being an adults-only game!

Why not just bundle everything together under Whales And Games?

This was something we’ve considered thoroughly for a while, especially given our thought-process above. Yet, upon discussing it with our community, feedback groups and other people involved in this genre of games, separating the brands seemed like the most appropriate action to take.

Separating both brands allows people to know which one to search for when they want a certain type of content. Whales And Games will continue being our hub for all-ages to mature games and art, while Bunny Copulation is dedicated only to adult content. This also allows us to keep, for example, our Discord Verification active in the current server, while we focus on building a new community on a separate server dedicated exclusively to this sort of content.

We’ll still be very upfront that Bunny Copulation is part of the Whales And Games family, and information about both games will still be posted when appropriate across the different media channels.

Simultaneously, we’re still making decisions regarding how Whales And Games will continue to fully-operate in regard to its own games, server events, and art. We will be handling those over time but, for now, we felt like this was our calling.

Weren’t you really looking forward to working on Whipped And Steamy • Cosplay Café? Why the sudden change?

When we were working on Whipped And SteamyCosplay Café, we were so engrossed in the world and characters of that game provided that we were really looking forward to continuing expanding it. However, as we started working on it, we started realizing the limitations of the framework we set up the game on, both game design and story-wise.

Along with that, and as you saw throughout the post, people started voicing that they’d love to see us tackle the game’s genre in a completely different light. After much discussion about where we would like to go in terms of game design, world-building and character interactions, we felt that Bunny Splash Casino was a project where we could explore the defining aspects of Cosplay Café and expand on them in a very considerable way.

Cosplay Café for us is still a very important and defining experience, yet, our goal during Strawberry Jam 3 last year was that the game would feel like a playable experience from beginning-to-end, and we still think the game, even without it’s planned expansions, portrays that idea.

We consider Bunny Splash Casino a spiritual-successor to Cosplay Café and a lot of themes, characters, setup and even mechanics will be brought over from that game in both the way you know them, as well as new twisted ways. Likewise, almost all the ideas we had for Whipped And Steamy expansions will also be implemented into Bunny Splash Casino!

What can we expect from Bunny Splash Casino?

As we’re describing it as “an erotic management simulation novel game”, you may already have some ideas of what you’re going to see. Taking place in a world where adult entertainment is rampant, Bunny Splash Casino parts from the premise of managing a casino where becoming rich is secondary to pleasure.

The planned intention of the game is to create a solid and fun casino-hosting experience, which includes managing the activities and resources, and overseeing the everyday life of the locale. Pair customers to the right hosts and games, serve the correct foods, drinks and utilities to the right tables, and get prepared for everything patreons ask of you!

Similar to Whipped And SteamyCosplay Café, there’s going to be an emphasis of interesting characters to meet. And since opening a casino in the Red Light District is asking for competition, expect other businesses to take notice, challenging you to see who can serve better the patrons!

That’s all the overview that can be shared of it at the moment, but there’s already plenty of it planned. We’ll be sharing more about it when the opportunity presents itself keep your eyes out!