Welcome to Colossorama! A place built for the most violent people! Pick a sword, ditch it for a spear, swap it for a hammer, take a drink or two, and get slashing and bashing! Only those that can adapt will be remembered in the Pantheon of Gladiators! So, get in there and make us proud. After all, heads won’t chop themselves, you know.

Colosorama is a hack-and-slash arcade game, where, as a gladiator, you must use an arsenal of different weapons and items to slay enemy contenders. Each weapon and item has it’s own different set of stats and attributes, and sometimes even their own unique effect and way of attacking.

Although you only start with a weapon and an item, at the end of every wave you are prompted to pick between three different weapons and items, and it doesn’t matter if the three options are worse than your current weapons, you are forced to pick one! But it doesn’t end there! Different Game Modes have their very own modifiers, weapons and even enemy pools! You might even unlock different characters as you play in these modes to use in Colossorama mode! Your final score is measured by the amount of gladiator heads you have decapitated.


  • After surviving a wave of enemies, select a new Weapon or Item, and fight another round! But you can only carry so much with you, so keep swapping until you get the weapons you like the most!
  • There used to be about 28 weapons and items to choose from. There’s over 60 now! Will you choose ranged over knockback? Healing over speed? Status effects over damage? Keep adapting to keep surviving!
  • Swords, spears, axes, hammers, scythes, staves and many more! There’s poison, freezing, stunning, invincibility, projectiles, and more variables as well!
  • You may fight in Colossorama mode for the core head-slashing experience, or choose from one of many challenges! There’s fast paced combat, moon gravity, powerful enemies only and even a party mode for good measure!
  • 18 playable characters for Colossorama mode, each with their own starting loadout! Can you unlock them all?
  • There’s nothing more honorable than bragging about your score on Twitter, so there’s a button just for that!

Play Online!

You can play Colossorama through it’s web version at one of the following endorsed sites.


In case you prefer to slay heads in the comfort of your very own desktop, you can download the game at one of the following sites.


  • Created, Developed & Presented by Whales And Games
  • Development Team
    • Programmer – JorgeGameDev (Twitter)
    • Graphics Artist – The ‘Moski (Twitter)
  • Special Thanks
    • Fonts (Alagard, Boo City and Silk Screen) – Hewett Tsoi, Rosden Shadow, Tyler Finck
    • Rewired Unity Input Wrapper – Guavaman Enterprises
    • UI Outline and Scrollrect Scripts – Melang and Twiik (Unity Forums)
    • Assorted Sounds – Audio Productions Youtube Channel