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Sunset Shockwave is a one-to-four player multiplayer game set in an alternate timeline where the rise of the 80s has lead to the creation of a new technology known as the Shockwave Headgear, a special set of accessories that allow users to convert brain waves into kinetic forces and which was proven to be a success in sports.

The game tackles one of these sports, Shockwave Volleyball, a variation of beach volleyball which has players using kinetic forces in order to shockwave a volleyball between two sides of a field, with aspects such as the shockwave’s direction and force, together with the headgear’s battery leading to multiple competitive aspects and decisions made by the players on a very short period of time.


Waves at the Global Game Jam 2017

Sunset Shockwave was originally created for Global Game Jam 2017, a game jam where participants are given a theme and must create a concept based on that topic on the short duration of 48 hours. With Global Game Jam 2017's theme being Waves, we decided to mix two different interpretations of the theme - the waves hitting a beach shore and brain waves - to create a unique local multiplayer experience that could be picked up and played by practically anyone.

By the end of the jam, we had created the original version of the game which we later re-published with keyboard and multiple controller support and featuring other miscellaneous polishes on itch.io.

Success at Events

The original version of Sunset Shockwave was a constant success at events we took the game to, one example being the Portuguese gaming convention, 4Gamers. Being a multiplayer experience, it served as the perfect game to be playable at meetups and conferences with large groups of people present, as players were able to quickly find other players and immediately set out to play a multiplayer match against them.

The short duration of the matches allowed players to keep on practicing and playing more than a single match at the time and allowed for different groups of players to keep swapping out and in. We were even featured by a portuguese blog, Vida Extra, in which the writer considered the game to be one of their newfound favorites.

Newfound Vision

With the overwhelmingly positive reception of Sunset Shockwave both at Global Game Jam and at events the game was taken too, we started taking into consideration the development a full-fledged version of the project, featuring new mechanics, characters and stages.

The development of this new version eventually begun in August 2017 associated under the Whales And Games collective and with José Sanchez joining the project's development team. This new version of the game was first shown at Lisboa Games Conference where it once again was met with a positive reception by players of the previous versions praising the new changes and updates made to the game.


  • Grab a group of friends and play some rounds of Shockwave Volleyball! Use your Shockwave Headgear to create kinetic waves that allow you to catch any ball in mid-air!
  • The faster you unleash your brain power and the quicker you move, the harder and faster you launch the ball! Be as fast as you can to get a forceful advantage!
  • Avoid discharging your headgear! After charging shockwaves or performing actions, your headgear will lose part of it's energy, requiring a small cooldown for it to recharge. You can only do as many actions with your headgear as your battery allows!
  • In the traditional Shockwave Volleyball rules, a match ends when one of the players reaches 8 points, with each point being accounted for when the ball hits the ground of the player's opposite side. However, different Game Modes have diverse rule variations, so always pay attention to what mode you're playing in!
  • Join the worldwide phenomenon of Sunset Shockwave playing as one of the 8 sports super-stars available, each one with their own abilities and advantages, on up to 4 different arenas all across the globe!


Gameplay Video YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "(In regards to the Global Game Jam Version) Practically hidden away in a corner of 4Gamers - the event that run parallel to Iberanime during the weekend at MEO Arena - was the modest but excellent Sunset Shockwave. It's colorful, it's fun, it's simple, it's addicting and... it's free! And in case you're not impressed yet, here's another fact: Sunset Shockwave was developed by three young developers in only two days!"
    - João Namorado, Vida Extra (In Portuguese)

Original Global Game Jam 2017 Version
The original version of Sunset Shockwave that was developed for Global Game Jam 2017 is available online and playable at itch.io sunset-shockwave.itch.io.

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About Whales And Games

Whales and Games is a small indie game development collective centered on designing games about mindless fun and discovery. We develop projects mostly on our personal free-time, with our released projects mostly originating from game jams such as Ludum Dare, in which we work with different temporary and project-specific affiliates.

Our games are designed to be about mindless fun and discovery, and hopping to bring a smile to the player’s faces. We focus on creating small and easy-to-learn game loops that can easily be expanded with new content, attempting to diversify our games without never changing their main experience. We’re constantly trying new stuff and expanding our game repertoire!

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Sunset Shockwave Credits

Jorge Carvalho (JorgeGameDev)
Lead and Gameplay Programmer

José Castanheira (JCCCastanheira)
Character and Animation Artist

José Heredia (The Moski)
Background and Supporting Artist

João Costa (Dainomyte)
Music Composer and Sound Design

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