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Released February 2019 (Iterative Development)

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Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café is a singleplay management and visual-novel game set in an universe where adult media and content has become the main source of entertainment. The player takes the point-of-view of Caffie, a university student looking to cover her student debts by accepting the role of manager at the Whipped and Steamy Café, a café catered for cosplayers, mostly those with a wild and adventurous side, who take the role of their characters to a notoriously serious level.

As the manager of the café, the player has to make management choices, such as picking the menu and decorations of the day, which in turn affect how different groups of players are interested in the café and how willing they are to consume and gives tips for the service. Keeping a good sales momentum is keen to allow the player to continue unlocking more items and allowing them to achieve other in-game goals.

At the end of each day, the player is given the chance to meet-up with a Special Customer, characters with unique personalities and backstories who they take their characters surprisingly seriously. All of them have their own relationship branches, giving player more insight into the media they’re inspired on and the reasons why they’ve connected as a cosplayer with the characters. Completing a relationship rewards the player with a nice surprise and reward!

Content Warning:
Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café contains content that is not appropriate for all ages and is not suggested for viewing at work. While the game contains no explicit imagery (explicit sex or genitalia), it still contains writing that could be considered explicit and suggestive imagery.


Game Pitch and Concept

Come and relax with a hot and steamy coffee! In a town where adult entertainment is the new best thing, the Whipped and Steamy Café is the best fun for all cosplayers with a wild and adventurous side! No shirts, no shoes, no shame and only the best service!

But this café needs an extra pair of hands to stay steamy. Fortunately, our brand new hire Caffie just got the job! With a stoic demeanor and an utter lack of interest for the job, she’ll have to manage the plans and decorations of the everyday, and meet up with the clientele. And, who knows? Maybe even make some unlikely friends...

Enough about that. Fire up for an experience that only a cosplay café can provide! Here’s hoping your time at the café is just like we like our coffee: Hot, steamy, and with skimpy clothing!


  • A segmented visual novel with business and management simulation elements!
  • Select the coffee of the day, the snacks, and the decoration to appeal to different groups of cosplayers! Plan to increase group interest, tips, and come up with your own strategies!
  • Try to juggle between keeping them all happy, or see if appealing to some is more profitable!
  • 6 cosplayers to meet! Try to appeal to their sense of decoration and you might see them more than a few times. And maybe even see more of them, if you know what we mean. 😉


Gameplay Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (8MB)

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Strawberry Jam 3 • 1st Place Overall, Gameplay, Harmony, Aesthetic and Audio" Winners of five of the ten categories from the one month game jam the original release of the project was developed for. March 1st, 2019

Selected Articles

  • "Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café is the best game Whales And Games made so far. The gameplay is fun, you can learn about different kinks thanks to the glossary and the game teaches a lovely lesson: While fetishes and kinks can be a big influence for a person, they don't define them as people.So thanks to the whole dev team for creating this little gem - I'd love to see a full version released someday. (...)"
    - Sebastian Standke, Game Jam Curator

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About Whales And Games

Whales And Games is an indie game development team designing mindlessly fun and iterative games full of whaleistic personality. We develop several projects, with some of our flagship games debuting as game jam entries. We’re also currently setting up plans for longer-term and larger-scale iterative games.

We are creating small and easy-to-learn game loops that can be easily expanded with fresh new content that allow us to diversify our games, while also giving more value to their core experience. We’re constantly trying out new stuff and expanding our ever-growing game repertoire.

More information
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Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café Credits

Jorge Carvalho (JorgeGameDev)
Programmer and Back-End Architecture

José Heredia (The Moski)
Artist and Graphic Designer

Robin Couwenberg (RobinhoodPT)
Music Composer and Sound Design

Henry Smith (PonchoGuy)
Support and Editor

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