The whole world is your sea now, so be sure to see all that it has to offer!

Embark on a journey to discover the legacy of Sir Reginald Sharkingston as you complete his journal!

Take to the skies, and travel far and wide, discover exotic landmarks, visit faraway towns, trade with their hosts, complete quests, catch fish, discover artefacts, and make a name for yourself!

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Townseek F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Townseek?

Townseek is a relaxing exploration-trading game where you fly around the world, discovering exotic landmarks and towns. Tasked with reassembling the journal of Sir Reginald Sharkingston bestowed to you by Captain Jawline, you must be on the lookout for its missing pages!

Each town you discover has their own charismatic host and culture! Trade your goods for new items, blimp customizations, tools and more. By fulfilling their requests, you can also improve your relationships with them, increasing your trader rank.

As you continue exploring the world, you can also catch peculiar fish, mine one-of-a-kind artifacts, farm for exotic fruits and dig for treasure! The whole world’s your sea now, so be sure to see all that it has to offer!

When is it coming out?​

We’re aiming to release the game sometime in Early 2023. We’ll announce a more definite and precise release date as development progresses! We also don’t plan to do Early Access, though we might host demos or betas for feedback.

What’s the difference between the jam version and the commercial version?​

Townseek was originally created for Global Game Jam 2021, and expanded with a few updates thereafter. After a very heart-warming reception and requests for us to continue exploring the world, we’ve put our focus into making a feature-full version of the game!

The commercial version introduces a larger map with new landmarks and towns, expanded towns with requests and trader ranks, and a main quest featuring the journal of Sir Reginald Sharkingston. It also introduces new side-activities such as farming and digging for treasure, and more ship customization with different hulls and followers!

Will the game be available on other stores?​

Alongside Steam, we will also be releasing the game on! We’ll be looking into researching more options for storefronts as development progresses.

How much will it cost?​

Pricing is still subject to change, but we’re targeting $14.99 with a launch discount and appropriate regional pricing.

Is it coming to Mac OSX and Linux/Steam OS?​

We’re looking into making it possible! However, since we don’t have the setups to properly quality assure those platforms just yet so we’d prefer to confirm them at a later date!

Is it coming to Nintendo Switch?​

We’re looking into making it a reality! No official announcement just yet though. 😉

Is it coming to other consoles or mobile?

At this time, we don’t have any plans to port it to other consoles or mobile.

Will the game have controller support?

Yes! We’re working to make the game fully controller compatible!

Where can I follow you? Is there a Discord?

You can join us at the Whales And Games Discord Server! We’ve got a pretty close-knit community, and we’ll be sharing more of the game there as development continues! For our social media links, check bellow!

I have a suggestion!​

Let us know about it! Please understand that giving suggestions doesn’t mean we’ll have them implemented in the game. If you’d like, you can directly suggest them to us through the #townseek-suggestions channel in our Whales And Games Discord Server!

I have another question!​

Feel free to ask in the replies below, contact us directly at [email protected] or through our Whales And Games Discord Server!