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Welcome to Whales And Games! We’re an indie game development team designing mindlessly fun and iterative games full of whaleistic personality for you to enjoy! We develop several projects, with some of our flagship games debuting as game jam entries. We’re also currently setting up plans for longer-term and larger-scale iterative games.

We are creating small and easy-to-learn game loops that can be easily expanded with fresh new content that allow us to diversify our games, while also giving more value to their core experience. We’re constantly trying out new stuff and expanding our ever-growing game repertoire and we hope you discover something new about gaming together with us!

Our full website is still in development. For the time being, this mini-website serves as a hub for you to find all of our games and projects in a single place! If you'd like to keep up with news and updates follow us on our social media sites!

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Play our latest game!

Super Sellout Screenshot
Super Sellout
Last Updated: 4th December 2018
Available on:
Hero duty for super profit! Monetization Man is ready to go save people from disaster, but since being a good guy doesn’t pay the bills, he’ll be needing some sponsors… or as many as he can get.
Super Sellout Itch.io

Want to get reeled in? Play some of our games!

Colossorama Screenshot
Last Updated: 26th May 2018
Available on:
Welcome to Colossorama! A place built for the most violent people! Pick a sword, ditch it for a spear, swap it for a hammer, take a drink or two, and get slashing and bashing! Only those that can adapt will be remembered in the Pantheon of Gladiators!
Colossorama Itch.io Colossorama Newgrounds
Wizsnooks Screenshot
Last Updated: 27th April 2018
Available on:
Are you ready for the hottest entertainment in this side of the world of wizards? Bring your ball to the pool table, and help it obliterate the other balls. It will amass the loot to grow stronger, and can disenchant the rest to heal itself! Clear as many tables as you can! Hazzah!
Wizsnooks Itch.io
Jazzy Beats Screenshot
Jazzy Beats
Last Updated: 5th December 2017
Available on:
Reach the peak of idol stardom! Your rival is sending up her fans to beat you up push you out of the industry. What can you do? Well, punch them so hard they become your fans. Play as Jazzchan and compete against Bluessom in an idol fight of which the world has never heard before!
Jazzy Beats Itch.io Jazzy Beats Newgrounds Jazzy Beats Game Jolt
Petty Puny Planet Screenshot
Petty Puny Planet
Last Updated: 28th April 2017
Available on:
Why have a pet rock when you can have a pet planet? Micromanage this cosmic massive rock from its humble beginnings and take its people to places they never thought possible! Sure, you can teach them about food and science, but what if you take some liberties with evolution?
Petty Puny Planet Itch.io
Hyper Holomayhem Screenshot
Hyper Holomayhem
Last Updated: 12th December 2016
Available on:
Get your jetpack and your gun, as you’re in for a thrill! Enter the Hyperdeck, a room that keeps constantly changing as you keep powering it up with gears. How long can you last? How many gears can you bring back? How many blocks will you destroy? Only one way to find out!
Hyper Holomayhem Itch.io
The Farming One Screenshot
The Farming One
Last Updated: 12th July 2018
Available on:
It seems that you just bought a new farm. Congratulations! It’s located right next to a town whose people fled from a group of bandits. Bring them back by assuming your place in the capitalism world and buying stuff to help you buy more stuff! What a round business!
The Farming One RPGMaker.net

Meet the Whales!

Our game roaster wouldn't be as unique as it is if it wasn't for the people behind them. Whales and Games is composed of various team members that vary from project to project and collectively collaborate to create new and polished experiences every time we settle to create a new game.

Jorge Carvalho
Leonardo Scur
Henry Smith
The 'Moski
José Sánchez
Robin Couwenberg
Zachary Blystone
Former Contributors
Alexandre Cristo
João Costa
José Castanheira