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We’re an indie game development studio creating positive, polished games and art brimming with whalistic personality for you to enjoy! We’re currently working on Townseek, a relaxing exploration-trading game!

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What's the catch? Who is Whales And Games? 🐳

We are Whales And Games, an indie studio creating positive, polished games and art brimming with whalistic personality! Since our beginnings, we’ve aimed to differentiate our projects through mould-breaking experiences that we can easily expand on with fresh content, while focusing on character development and adding value to the core experience!

By approaching game development as creatives, we’re constantly expanding our ever-growing repertoire by experimenting with new ideas! 

We’re currently working on Townseek, an exploration-trading game, as our debut commercial title! Simultaneously, we continue participating in game jams, allowing us to discover new ideas that continue shaping Whales And Games!

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