Snooker your way into the Music of Wizsnooks!

Hello everyone! I’m the Audio composer and Sound Designer of the game Wizsnooks made by Whales And Games!

For this game I’ve worked on two music pieces. One majestic game theme and a introductory main menu theme!

The Main Menu theme is normally the second music track I make in Game Jams. The reason behind is that I many times focus firstly on the game experience making the game theme and the SFX for it. If I have enough time after that’s done, I’ll start working on the Main Menu Theme.

The Main Menu theme actually inspired the current main menu background and the lore of the game. As I was regularly posting small updates I did to it. When we were discussing what the name of the game would be, Moski, made a small scribble of the main menu after he was listening to one of my updates.

While we had known that it was medieval we still hadn’t figured out a plausible explanation of the setting of the game. After the scribble we came to a conclusion that our game would be a wizard’s snooker game! And done, we just found an explanation and shortly after we decided on the game’s name! See what a piece of music can do to the artists? Always post updates to your workmates! ?

You can listen to the main menu soundtrack here.

Game Theme

While creating the game theme my objective was to create something that was adventurous/fantasy, but still casual, with some epic mixed in there.

The game was inspired in some fantasy game tracks, like Rayman Legends and Magicka. I tried to get the more up-beat melodies from Final Fantasy, in the beginning, but that didn’t felt really well placed with what I was creating.

You can listen to the Game Soundtrack here.

I hope you guys enjoy our music!