A Whole New Sellout of Hero

In a world, where crime thrives at the top of buildings… where grandmas get stuck in trees in rooftops… and where guerilla marketing has reached new moral lows… A hero will rise, and so will the profits of his sponsors.

Coming this winter… a hero will sacrifice everything to save the people around him and to satisfy his sponsoring overseers. His dignity, his integrity, and his laundry budget. Because being an invincible superhero doesn’t pay the bills.

You won’t see the adventures of Monetization Man in the silver screen anytime soon, but you can always play Super Sellout, our Ludum Dare 43 entry, and hopefully have a laugh. It’s no blue furry man-legs, but it’ll suffice.

Here’s hoping you enjoyed this quick goof. If you want, you can always come chat and share your own Ludum Daregames at our Discord server! And of course, we’re also looking for Ludum Dare participants to follow through our Twitter account!

For those who aren’t Smashing right now

Happy Smash Bros Ultimate release! For those that aren’t skipping the rating season to try to unlock Isabelle or cry after getting the Waluigi spirit why would you do this, Sakurai, I made a goof. Your friends of Whales and Games are statistic as well.

We’re still celebrating being able to participate again on the Ludum Dare jam, which has given us the possibility to create so many characters. The latest, from Ludum Dare 43, is Monetization Man, from Super Sellout, which you should totally give a try. Turns out, in a way, I’m kind of a sellout too, huh? ?

The team and the community are freakin’ busy smashing each other at the Whales and Games Discord Server, so if you wanna hop in, or share with us your game, or just hang out, you’re oh so very welcome. And if you’d like to stay in contact through more traditional social media, you can follow us through Twitter too, and tweet us if you unlock Isabelle before I do, so I get freaking jealous! Other than that, continue enjoying the rating season! ?

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Looks like our cityscape is starting to shape up!

Now you can actually see some skyscrapers! In fact, we’re walking on top of some skyscrapers in endless fashion! And running! We think you get the overall point. ??

The game is coming alive right in front of our eyes! There’s still another two days of whole refining and making the game feel fluid, fun and engaging ahead of us! In case you are also participating, make sure you have a great jam! (We’d love to feature your games after the jam is over.)

Are you also working on your mind and are somehow still awake at 6AM working on your game? We’d love to see some of the progress of your own games over at our team’s Discord server!

The city is in dire need of saving!

The city is in dire need of saving! Our entry’s first screenshot sports this city’s brandest new handsome and brightest hero ready to save those in dire need! I wonder if there’s anyway we can come to monetize this man… 

This is only some very early animation and system progress for our Ludum Dare entry. Just like it was the case with Jazzy Beats, there’s still a lot we need to get down before you can fully grasp how “Sacrifices must be made” makes into the theme of this game, but we promise we won’t keep it a secret much longer! ?

Want a place to chill-out while working on your entry? We’d love to see some of the progress of your own games over at our team’s Discord server!

In a billiard table far, far away…

My pal and I celebrated this glorious day last year, during LD season as well, so the team thought, why not? Let’s do it again!

And another quickie, since we already had the assets anyways.

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! If you enjoyed this goof, consider playing our entry, Wizsnooks. If you want to chat, we may nerd out at our Discord server. And here’s the Whales and Games Twitter, just in case!