Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s some Micro-Announcements!

Happy Lunar New Year! Even if you don’t celebrate it locally, the Lunar New Year is an important day for most of South-East Asia, and like many others, we wanted to join the celebration to spread the joy worldwide! We have a slew of new community activities and micro-announcements to make! Consider this your micro-Status Report for this month! 🥠🐁

Whales And Games Micro-Announcements

Let’s start with the spicy stuff! We have a slew of new Whales And Games micro-announcements to make regarding what you should expect in this upcoming year!

  • We will begin pre-production of our first commercial project starting in February with a considerable development time planned.
  • We will be returning to game jams this year making short one-shot game projects, with one of them being a Trivia game. They can also include updates to old projects.
  • Colossorama – The Champions Update will release sometime in the future but falls into the second category of projects.
  • And even more! You can expect this an even more announcements going forward! We will be going into more detail about our plans soon, so we hope you are excited for the slew of new things going forward!

You can expect this an even more announcements going forward! We will be going into more detail about our plans soon, so we hope you are excited for the slew of new things going forward! 👀

Find and Join your Chinese Zodiac!

It isn’t called the ‘Year of the Rat’ for no reason! Every birth-year on a 12 year cycle is associated with an animal in the Chinese Zodiac! Curious to find what’s yours? Well, we’ve set up a special #zodiac-table room in our Discord server you can find what animal is under your Chinese zodiac!

Even better! In that room you’ll also find commands that you can use over on the server’s #commands room! Using one of these commands will add your zodiac animal to your username and will also let you claim a special Lunar Celebrator and pinkish-red-name for posterity!

Join us for a Lunar Gaming Nights Club!

What’s a new years celebration without a loud party? We’re doing it gaming style! If you’re ready for a good old-fashioned Gaming Nights Club session, come join us on our Discord and we’ll kick off the Lunar Year with style! This rat den is gonna be packed!

Join us on January 26th (Sunday) at the usual time of 9:30 PM UTC for a night-long celebration of south-east Asian culture and gaming alike!

Whalechan and Polite All-Dressed Up!

And to close it all off, here’s our newest artwork with Whalechan and Polite all dressed-up for Celebration! This is one of our proudest and most complex works of art and animation so far, and a good window into the quality of what you can expect from our own game art going forward! Hope you like ‘em!

It’s Spooky Month! Join us for Halloween Server Events!

Halloween Banner

Boo! 👻 Were you spooked? Well, you should have, because we’ve made our Discord and Social Media all festively scary! That’s right, instead of cleaning away the cobwebs, we placed them around all over the place, just in time for this Halloween! And of course, we have to once again feature the incredible banner art from last year from VampyrOfSwords!

Festivities are a bit busy with our upcoming talk, Moski’s trip, making stickers and the upcoming (at this point that’s our actual Halloween monster) Colossorama – The Champion Update but we still wanted to do something special to vary things a little this season on our Discord Server! Here’s what we came up with!

Hope you’re ready to become the monster under your bed because you’ll have to pick between becoming a Skeleton ☠️, a Vampire 🦇 or a Witch ✨! The team with the most members by November 4th will result in a special Whalechan-design themed after that team’s monster, to be posted at a later date!

You can join a team by heading to #commands-cemetery on our Discord and typing !skeletons, !vampires or !witches to join each respective team! You can only be in one team at one time, but you can switch to another team by using that team’s command! You can also leave the competition entirely by using !leaveteam but that would be a bummer. 😱

We want to see your spooky art! No, really, any spooky art that you have around at all! From monster girls that you’ve drawn, to special Halloween commissions that you’ve been making! We want to see what you have been up too, and we would love for you to share it with us on the Server over at #creative-candy channel! In fact, there’s already been some spooky art shared there! 🍭

Also make sure to tweet it over to us , or send us a link to a tweet of some of the Halloween stuff you’ve made so we can share your stuff in all of its glory! ✨ We’ll be making a art-thread later on just for Halloween art, but you can tweet it at us at any moment!

It’s time to bring it back from the dead one of old server events for a one-off! Join us on November 1st (Friday) at 9:30 PM UTC for a night of spooky-scary glorious multiplayer video-game fun through our special Halloween Gaming Nights Club! Don’t know what that time-zone corresponds to? Check this link out!

We’re taking suggestions for games to play so we can announce them in advance for everyone to get ready at hand! Make sure to drop your spookiest suggestions down on the #gaming-ghouls channel!

Some videos and reviews of Jazzy Beats! Oh my!

We’re still overwhelmed at how many people have checked out Jazzy Beats, which might even make it to 200 ratings soon. That’s far more than anything that our team could have anticipated! Thank y’all!

So, we wanted to share a bit of the love and support we’ve been getting. Here’s some people that have featured Jazzy Beats. You’re the best!

Mug and Play, who even made a Jazzy Beats style character on the thumbnail!

Randomise User, who also checked some other awesome games from the Jam!

Gubbzington‘s is here!

And here’s AwesomeMe’s!

And last but not least, a review from Gamejam Curator. In their words, The art of this game has fascinated me, it’s very polished and with a lot of personality, which seems to be a usual feature in the games of Whales and Games. They have managed to give their game a very professional finish, so I’’ll definitely remain attentive to their future projects. We’re overflowing with joy. ?

Once again, thanks a bunch for the fun times on this jam. As the clock keeps ticking, there’s still a lot of people who are below their rating goals, so be sure to give them a good chance just like you’ve helped us. We’re still checking out games as well (when the team is not sick). Let’s keep supporting each other! ?

Petty Puny Planet’s Coverage Appreciation

Hello, fellow pet planet aficionados! Hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s Star Wars related goof. As you can see, we’ve had some good laughs sharing around our game, Petty Puny Planet, which you can play on your browser, download or even play on Android devices.

But today, we’re not going to do the talking. Instead, we want to say thank you to the people that have featured us in their YouTube channels. They took their time to showcase our game, so we’re going to return the favor!

Mind, you’re entering a spoiler asteroid field here. Some of these videos feature some endings of the game. There’s still some more though!

Steven Cookies

Randomise User

The video also features Polyorbis, Snowed In, Small Golf and Hibernaculum. Consider checking their entries as well!


The game was also showcased by Alpha Beta Gamer. All of this sharing has given us very good feedback, and we’re looking forward to making an improved version sometime in the future! Also, streamers from Dare to Play posts have been playing it as well. We’re achieving global outreach here!*

In behalf of our team, I also want to thank the people who have played, reviewed and/or commented on Petty Puny Planet. We’re replying daily to the comments we’re receiving, and we’re keeping track of the feedback. Thanks for helping us improve!

If you’d like to get some more insight of Petty Puny Planet, you can always check Jorge’s timelapse video or my art related post.

Thanks once again. Whales and Games wishes you to keep enjoying the post-Ludum Dare 38 days. Go play some more games! ?

*Not actually achieving global outreach, but our dreams are bigger than our Puny Planets.