Art 🎨

Alongside our games, we at Whales And Games frequently create art that we use to promote our projects beyond their playable-counterparts! 

From celebratory art pieces made to go with real-world events, to one-off artworks of our mascots, we have created a cast of characters well beloved by our community! We’ve been thankful enough to receive fan-art of them, and continue to growing them as our brand evolves!

Mascot Characters

Beyond the characters we create within each of our games, we’ve also designed mascots that represent our studio in more broad artwork and ocassions! These are some of the character sheets we’ve created so that we and our community can easily reference their designs.

Whalechan & Polite Whale

As our main mascots at Whales And Games, Whalechan and Polite Whale feature our main colours and design elements as well as our traits of whalistic personality! We wanted these two characters to be positive and full-of-energy. They, together, represent how we are, both as game developers, and video game enthusiasts!

Whalechan was originally inspired by japanese branding, often implementing cute characters in their advertising. She got such a warm reception by our community that she became a main-stay!

Polite Whale is our main mascot and the centre of branding and logos! We often create one-off designs for him alongside event artwork and game updates that you can check on our Polite Whale Designs page!

Dapperchan & Dapperfish

Right next to our main mascots, you have Dapperchan and Dapperfish. Representing our more serious, but also mischievous side as a team, these two are usually put together to show that even within organisation and order we can get some fun and creativity around!

Dapperchan was created as we continued growing the Whales And Games branding, with the idea of representing some semblance of order within all the fun and hijinks we’ve built.

Dapperfish was first conceived for one of our first prototypes as a team, but which unfortunately never made the cut. One of our previous team members had so much fun creating dialog for him, he became a central character of ours!

Beyond the main mascots, we have also created character sheets for some our other characters across different Whales And Games projects! Bellow you can recognise some characters from Townseek, Whipped And Steamy • Cosplay Café, Starsnap and Jazzy Beats!

Celebratory and Event Artwork

To celebrate real-world events together with our community, one of the main types of art that we create for Whales And Games is often associated with real-world holidays and studio milestones! These include dates such as Halloween (Whaloween) and the Holiday Season (Whalidays), publisher announcements and our own anniversaries! These feature our mascot characters as well as characters from our games.

Community Fan-Art

Over the years, and as we’ve kept growing these mascots and characters, we’ve been fortunate to receive tons of fan-art of them made by dozens of different artists of all levels and passion! We’re extremely proud and fortunate that our characters have been able to be an inspiration for others. We always get heart-warmed when we receive new artwork of them!

If you’ve created fan-art or anything else dedicated to our characters at Whales And Games, let us know! You can reach us by e-mail, or primarily through our Discord server! You can also share it with us through Twitter and Instagram! We look forward to seeing it! 🐳