Mermaid Whalechan makes a splash for Whaloween!

The spooky full moon rises again, and Whalechan makes a splash out from the ocean as an adorable mermaid! She makes her nightly appearance right across Sharkdwell, who also seems to be enjoying their night spirit. The town is fully decked out in decorations, banners, and pumpkins! 🎃

Our Whaloween celebrations return once more over here and at our Discord server! The event will run all across the start of the month into the 12th of November! We’ve been incredibly busy with Townseek’s development and other milestones happening at our studio these last months, but we still wanted to have the time to celebrate one of our favourite seasons with you! Even if that meant starting a bit later than usual! The Whalidays can wait for their time to shine! 🍬

Before we continue further, here’s the main artwork for this year’s event! Doesn’t Whalechan look great dressed as a mermaid? 💙

Main key-art for Whales And Games Halloween and Whaloween celebrations for 2022. The artwork features Whalechan, our mascot, transformed into a mermaid at night, with longer silver hair, gills, and several pieces of her skin being decorated with green and blue scales. She is holding her top-hat out where her mascot crab is playing a saxophone while wearing funny glasses. She is sitting next to a rock in the middle of the ocean, right to the Townseek town of Sharkdwell, which has had its lights decorated with various pumpkins and colourful banners. Next to the town, Polite Whale, our studio’s mascot is dressed-up as a triton, holding a trident and a menacing smile. In the background, a round bat can be seen, as well as Dapperchan, another Whales And Games character, dressed as a scarecrow being carried away by crows. The artwork has a big splash at the top reading “Make a splash!” rounding out this year’s theming.
Mermaid Whalechan makes a splash for Whaloween!

The Whaloween Team vote also returns to our Discord server with a new twist! Instead of voting for next year’s Whaloween theme, the winning team will make it into Townseek! The team with the most voters will get an equipable pet to fly around the world along with you. As such, we’ve also brought back into the clash some of the most wanted teams from previous years. These were the ones that we think work the best adapted as pets in the game!

As such, this year you get to pick a team between the returning wicked Witches, the ghastly Ghosts, and the spooky Scarecrows! You can pick your own team over at the whaloween-teams channel, and react with your desired team. You can also see the current leaderboard directly from the channel list this year as well!

We look forward to seeing this year’s team results! In case you still have candy leftover from the trick-or-treat season, enjoy the treat! ✨