Fresh from Wholesome Direct, Townseek is coming to Steam in Early 2024!

Hey there! 👋 Did you watch our new Townseek trailer during Wholesome Direct today? It was wonderful to have Townseek featured in our favourite cosy game showcase alongside so many amazing uplifting games, for the second time since we’ve started development! As we’ve premiered a new trailer during the direct, we wanted to break down some of the highlights of what we’ve shown today! 🌻

First of all, we’re happy to confirm our release window! Get ready to travel the picturesque world of Explora when Townseek comes to Steam in Early 2024! ⏰ We’ll announce a specific date as we approach the end of the year. But first, we need to ensure every nook and cranny of the game is filled with delight and polished to perfection! We know that many of you have been eager to play it for a long time. We’ll make sure to make the wait worth your while! 💪

After a long wait, we have finally unveiled some things that have been holding on for a while! ✨ We’d like to start by introducing you to the nomadic town of Vushkaar! Nested within the ice continents of Explora, these tough dwarves are quite adventurous and restless! Be on the lookout, for they might abandon the area and pop up in some unexpected places! Vushkaar is also the last town from our original jam release to be adapted into the full game, and we couldn’t be prouder! ❄️

A screenshot of Townseek showing Sir Reginald Sharkingston standing in front of the first shark airship. This scene is shown at the intro of the game. Announced during Wholesome Direct.

In addition to the new town, we’ve also been hard at work crafting an engaging narrative for Townseek! We’re thrilled to finally introduce you to Sir Reginald Sharkingston, the first shark to take to the skies and explore the world! Put together the lost pages of his journal and discover his captivating adventure as you discover new towns and learn more about the world!

Where did he go? What did he learn? Did he leave any treasure behind? And how did the different towns of the world change him as a shark? We can’t wait for you to find out! 🦈

Lastly, if you’ve played our previous demos, you know that we’ve got special companions joining us from other games! However, we’ve kept some of our most celebrated guests a surprise until now! We’re proud to collaborate and bring Lil Gator from Lil Gator Game, The Lamb from Cult of the Lamb, and Claire from A Short Hike into the world of Townseek! If you’re an indie game enthusiast like us, you might see even more familiar faces in the future! 

And if you’re not very familiar with our special guests, we’ve got many companions unique to Explora who can accompany you in your travels! From floating jellyfish, racoon rascals, to airplane kiwis, there’ll always be a companion alongside you as you travel the world. 🦝

Aside from these highlights, the trailer also included more shots of the game’s exploration and trading! Since every trailer is someone’s first time getting to know Townseek, we like mixing it with clips old and new! From exploration, trading, to all of the different activities, there’ll be something for you to enjoy in Explora! 🗺️

The Townseek Airship featured in the Wholesome Direct shirt for 2023!

Speaking of collaborations, there’s one more thing! Wholesome Direct has once again teamed up with The Yetee to release shirts themed to the event! And the shirt featuring many of the games that have appeared on the event also features Townseek’s iconic airship! These shirts will be on sale until the 30th of June, so go ahead and grab them while they’re available! We’ll make sure to grab some extras ourselves! You can find them in this collection! 👕

We’re currently knee-deep in development and making great progress! Even so, we’ll continue to update you with more news and development updates as they come up. For now, if you’d like to support us, you can do so by wishlisting Townseek on Steam! Your wishlists are a tremendous help, both analytically and on a personal level! 💖

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Our team at Whales And Games, along with our publisher at Super Rare Originals, is humbled by the reception, kind words and enthusiasm that Townseek has received! If you’d like to continue sailing with us, consider joining our vibrant community at our Discord Server! Not only do we share more news and sneak peaks of the game’s development, but also hang out, talk games, share artwork, and occasionally play games together! You’re more than invited to join us!

Time to sign off! Thank you again for everything and to Wholesome Direct and Wholesome Games for having us in their showcase again! We hope you’ve enjoyed the news we’ve put together! Look forward to the game arriving early next year! Cheers! 🐳