Thanks for the spazzy and snazzy Jazzy Beats time!

And so, the LD40 is finally over, and we’re all going around checking final statements, results and whatnot. Incredible games and fun rides all over the place! Even if I have to say so myself, Jazzy Beats, our entry, did quite well! Working on it was a blast, and we’re so eager to start other projects! (Sure, we still have a lot pending, but that’s besides the point. The job of gamedevs never end).

Here are our results, which are comparable with those of previous entries. On our own averages, we’re doing better in art and audio, but we could still do with more understandable themes and innovative games. But learning is part of what makes LD so great! Just keep on improving!

Of course, I’m proud on the graphical department since I’m the artist, but I actually want to congratulate Robin for scoring so high on the audio section as well, and Jorge, whom without, this wouldn’t be as polished and unique, which certainly were overall factors. Congrats, fam!

But surely, none of this would have been possible without you, people. We couldn’t have gotten the Jam’s 4th place in number of ratings if it weren’t for your constant support. The last few jams we felt we hadn’t given enough proper feedback back and we’re a bit disappointed by it. This time around we focused on giving feedback more than ever, and we’re quite amazed that we’re somewhat featured on the category! Awesome!

The team will be celebrating by sleeping off our different sicknesses and hoping to feel better soon. Maybe some hot chocolate, if we can stand up long enough to prepare it. But while we’re seating, you could come chat with us on our Discord channel or even follow us around on Twitter.

For Jazzy Beats we tried to post some insights in regards to the games development. If you have the time, check the post about building the character logic. There’s also one about making the music and one about making the art.

There’s one about coverage Appreciation for videos and links, and a Happy Holidays post as well. And finally, just assorted Fun Facts. Stay tuned, as Jorge still wants to post a timelapse, and we’re working on the post mortem. Jazzy Beats won’t end!

Once again, in behalf of the team, congratulations to all the LD participants, and we hope to have further chances to develop games along you in the future. Happy holidays, and have a magnificent, whalesome 2018! ?