Participate on the great game show with Vast Trivia Of The Void!

Vast Trivia Of The Void

What would an omniscient creature of the abyss do with all that knowledge? Well, host a trivia game, of course! Join the challenge of the Thing Of The Void (or Thothev for short) in Vast Trivia Of The Void and go deep into the abyss to win big! 👾

Put your knowledge of several topics to the test! Sports, history, science, anime, videogames and more! But since Thothev thought that just knowing wasn’t fun enough, move around in his playground, collecting cards and increasing your combo! Cash out or go deeper, for higher rewards but possibly higher risks! Monetary, of course!

Do you have what it takes to make it big? Will you come out as a winner in the biggest game show from the darkest pits of the universe?

Vast Trivia Of The Void is our brand new entry from Whales And Games for Ludum Dare 48! That’s worth three hectic days (plus porting to more platforms) of game development. And all of that was right after our release of Townseek last week! We may be super tired, but that’s not stopping us from hyping it around!

You can download the game, play it on the web or, as surprise, play it on your android mobile devices over on! And if you were around Ludum Dare, you can rate our game here

In addition to our own questions, we’re also experimenting with allowing for users to make their own questions! For that, we’ve made the User Questions Manual with instructions of how anyone can make their own question packs! Neat! If you make some, or just want to discuss your own experiences with Thothev and his game, you can do so over at our Discord!

Joining us for audio this time around was Zak Blystone who has previously joined us while making Super Sellout and Petty Puny Planet, and his synth music fit our trivia game show like a glove! 👏

This month was truly packed-full of small happenings and games! We’re extremely proud and humbled by the reception that both Townseek and Vast Trivia Of The Void have been getting. We’ll be taking a few days-off to recover from all this jamming and play some of the jam’s games, but we still have Bunny Splash Casino and more on the horizon! We’ll talk about some more of our plans in our upcoming May’s Status Report, so we’ll be catching you then!

Enjoy Thothev’s crazy game show, and enjoy deepening your transdimensional trivia knowledge! 🌌

Soar the skies and travel far and wide in Townseek!


Born undersea, but with an appetite to soar the skies and explore the world! Now that you’ve got yourself a reliable airship, it’s time to make those dreams come true in Townseek! 🦈

Travel far and wide, discovering the exotic landmarks that the world has to offer! Meet the locals from towns far away from each other! Engage in the old tradition of exchanging goods for money! Fish like sharkfolk have never fished before! 

The entire world is your new sea, and be sure to see all that it has to offer!

We’re pleased to introduce Townseek, our brand-new trading and exploration game! We originally created Townseek for Global Game Jam 2021 back at the end of January. After adding some improvements, polish and new features, it’s ready for a proper, fun release!

Explore the world and find all sorts of curious landmarks! Discover towns and their unique hosts and trade between them for riches! Buy new balloons to travel around in style, and get a fishing rod to catch and bring home all sorts of sea creatures!

As we always strive to with Whales And Games, you can play the game on all desktop platforms and through web browsers through either or Game Jolt!

Townseek Meowosville

The game is a bit more experimental and open-ended than our usual releases, but we had a ton of fun making this world uniquely characteristic! It was also fantastic to have the opportunity to work with John Elliot as the composer. He handled all of the game’s dynamic soundtrack and sound design, making the world sound’s pop amazingly!

Townseek is the first of our Treasure Projects initiative that we introduced in our Anniversary Report! There’s many other side-projects like these we want to continue delivering to you while we continue working on Bunny Splash Casino. Next weekend, we will be participating in Ludum Dare 48, meaning this will be a pack-full-month of games! 👏

If you have any comments, or any suggestions of how we can continue to further add to this world, we’d love to know over at our Discord!

Now that it’s all said and done, have a pleasant time with Townseek! The winds are soaring and our ship is sailing fast, so look forward to our next adventures! 🎈

Loop, spin and bark on Woofice Chair!

Come and loop with man’s best friends! Whales and Games introduces you to the magnificent Woofice Chair!

Welcome to Goodboi Park! A dog haven so good that it’ll make the best friend of man bark for the park! In fact, it’s so good that it even attracts the wrong audience. I swear, those body-builders really are a pain in the tail.

But the park is not without its defenders! Hoop, Lupe and Carl are up to the challenge! And since Goodboi Park so happens to be next to an office chair disposal, they’re not without mighty chariots!

So pick a pal, get on the chair, and spin faster than a dog can chase its tail! Throw your very buff enemies for a loop!

Our team had a great time making this game happen. As we always like to do during Ludum Dare season, Woofice Chair! is playable in Windows/Mac/Linux and Web, so you can pretty much play it anyway! Make sure to take it for a spin!

For those of you that participated in Ludum Dare, and would like to leave a comment or rate the game, you can check our game’s page there as well!

If you wanna hang out, chat or share your games, be sure to give our Discord server a visit! Cheers! 🐳

Duel for your favourite team in the Art Fight Duel!

The imagination of plenty of artists is unleashed in card form! Sugar or Spice, duel for your favourite Art Fight 2020 team in Art Fight Duel! ⚔️

Made as an homage to Art Fight, an event that pits artists into two teams to draw characters from each other, this game features 24 original creations from different artists that participated in 2020’s event! Characters of each team, Team Sugar or Team Spice, are ready to duke it out!

Art Fight Duel has been a special project of ours in development since the beginning of August. We had a pre-release version out for a while, but this is the definitive version for this year, featuring audio, polished gameplay and all the quality of life quirks you’d expect from a game of ours! ✨

You can play the game in all desktop, web and mobile versions on! We’ve also made the character and item cards and sprite sheets showcasing all of the different characters in the game available in their own dedicated page!

You can are feel free to talk about your combos, features you’d like to see and more on the newly opened #art-fight-duel in our Discord Server!

It’s been incredibly pleasant to be releasing a new jam-project after so long and a great privilege being able to feature inspiring character designs from so many artists! If we participate next year again, we’ll totally add even more content, characters and maybe even features, but it’s still too early to tell!

For now, we hope you enjoy Art Fight Duel, and gear up as we move towards Bunny Splash Casino and a return to even more jam games in the future! You can also look forward to a post-mortem about the event and the game soon as well! 👏

Steamy Seedies and Feedies • A Morning-Cartoon-like Adult Game Collaboration!

Who doesn’t like a good crossover? Be it in films, videogames or even wrestling, we fans of multimedia enjoy seeing the multimedia become, well, less ‘multi’ and more ‘uni’. So, we at Whales and Games have been wondering, what do we need to be a part of the crossover craze?

Turns out that, together with the collaboration of the creative minds at Cactus Labs, some exotic characters with lots of personality and inversely proportional amount of clothing would do the trick! On our last monthly status report, we talked about a small collaboration between Whipped and Steamy • Cosplay Café – our ero-themed visual novel management sim – and Draw the Seedies So I Can Has FeediesCactus Labs’ underpaid-commission-artist sim.

As we go into detail about how this match-made-in-a-sexshop came to be, unlike Cosplay Café which has no-explicit imagery but explicit text, this post (and the game) contains visual and explicit Not Safe For Work content from here on out!

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