#Creative Showcase 📌

Through our Discord server’s #creative-showcase room, we are able to meet and interact with all sorts of creative creators, from digital and traditional artists, video content creators, to musicians and game developers. In order to express our gratitude for them sharing their work with us, we make use of Discord’s Pins 📌 to highlight some of the best work that members have posted, and to keep them in memory for posterity.

With the growth of our community and server, we realised that relying solely on the Pins 📌 of the channel to highlight some of the best work of the server, especially when capped at 50 pins, was getting increasingly difficult. As such, every few months we clear our the previous pins that have been posted and create a new gallery under this page that showcases some of that best work.

Bellow are some of the highlights created by members of our community and a gallery that we look forward to keep expanding! You can find the master credits of everyone involved at the bottom of the page, or the creators of a given piece by hovering or full-screening one of the images.

(Content shown might feature third-party characters or brands not associated or endorsed by Whales And Games. All product names, logos, characters and brands are property of their respective owners and are shown for demonstrative purposes only.)

Master cREDITS

Here the credits and links to all of the different creators featured on the showcase: