Enjoy the Amperion lights during this year’s Whalidays!

It’s the jolliest time of the year! 🎄 Once again, our entire team at Whales And Games wishes you Happy Whalidays and Season’s Greetings! We wish you a great time celebrating together with your family, loved ones, friends, or by yourself! Be it enjoying a nice dinner, watching some movies, or even going out and seeing the lights and fireworks, we hope you have an amazing time! ✨

And the best place to see the lights around here is at the Townseek town of Amperion! ⚡ Together with Watt Zapp, Whalechan and crew are spreading string lights and the holiday joy across the screen filled town! There’s wires, presents, stockings and lights all over the place. 💡

Why don’t you grab some lights, some freshly baked cookies and join along the fun? 🍪

Whalechan and the crew helping Watt Zapp decorate Amperion for the Whalidays
Whalechan and the crew helping Watt Zapp decorate Amperion for the Whalidays!

If you’re celebrating the holidays, we invite you to join our Discord Server and share your own holiday cheer! We’d love for you to share some stories and photos of how you’re celebrating these holidays with the community! You can post about a gift that really surprised you, some special dish or dessert that you’ve made for the celebrations, or anything else that shows how you typically celebrate the season! As with other celebrations in our community you join in, you’ll also get a permanent special role to commemorate it! 🎁

Beyond the holidays, we also continue working on Townseek! While we’ve been repeating ourselves a bit over it, the game has been progressing really well! We’ve been working on adding in the final continents as well as the very last towns to the world. In fact, most of our last few months have been working on the cold regions of the map. Which is just in time for this season! ❄️

We’ve also been reminiscing about the good times we’ve had this year! We’ve participated with the game on Steam Next Fest; joined forces with a publisher; had the opportunity to head up to London and down to Cancún as a team; put together more seasonal artwork; worked with amazing people; and much more!

A collage reminiscing the good times of this year!
A collage reminiscing the good times of this year!

If you want to head to Amperion and see the electric town by yourself, make sure to wishlist Townseek on Steam! You can also keep up to date by following us on social media or checking in Steam News! 📺

We hope that you enjoy the rest of the holiday season, and join us along for the Whalidays! Have a fantastic start to this next year and achieve all your aspirations in the year to come! We’ll catch you up ahead! Cheers! 🐳