Get Trading in Townseek during the Steam Capitalism and Economy Fest!

Discover some of the towns you can trade with in Explora! 💰 The Steam Capitalism and Economy Fest has just started on Steam and with it we’re launching our new Townseek – Economy Fest Demo to go alongside it! 🙌

Screenshot of Townseek from the Steam Capitalism and Economy Fest
Screenshot of Townseek from the Steam Capitalism and Economy Fest

Fly at your own pace and trade over 200 items between five different towns. Upgrade and customise your airship, discover landmarks, find random events, and much more! If you’ve missed the Townseek demo during Steam Next Fest last year, this is your best opportunity to get a taste of the world and the characters we’ve got to offer, in an almost finished and polished state now! 

If you’re a returning player, this demo introduces many quality-of-life changes that were suggested over the previous demos, and introduces much more personality to Explora. You can now talk with town hosts to learn more about the world. Landmarks you discover might be a bit different due to random events. Your journal now tracks various stats and records of your voyages. There’s new accessibility settings to help with motion sickness. And of course, we’ve improved the overall performance of the game by a lot, among numerous other changes!

Screenshot of Townseek from the Steam Capitalism and Economy Fest

Not only that, we expect this to be the last demo before the game releases. The demo will be available during the duration of the Economy Fest, so make sure to play it while it’s available! ⏲️

Given that, we’d love it if you’d share your feedback with us on the Steam Forums! 🧭  Regardless if you’re a invested trader, or a casual explorer, we would love to know your thoughts, quality of life tweaks you’d like to see, and any other features you’d like to see, either when the game launches or in patches afterwards! 🫡

Screenshot of Townseek from the Steam Capitalism and Economy Fest

Additionally, if you don’t follow us on socials yet, we’ve also got a brand-new social home for Townseek! You can follow us for constant peaks and teasers over at our new Twitter account. This new account gives us a fresh hub to post about the uniqueness of Explora from a whole perspective. Of course, we’ll also continue sharing more news on Townseek over here or through our Discord Server! 🦈

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Townseek‘s development has been a massive journey for us. It’s hard to believe that we will be releasing the game in a few months time. There are still a few more features and locations we want to make sure are in the game before we put it out. So we’re quite not done just yet! However, as soon as we’re ready to settle on a release date, we’ll make sure you know! 🫡

Now then, get trading and fill your bag full of coins by trading among the many towns Explora has to meet! Cheers! 🐳