Ready to Jazz? Play Jazzy Beats!

Congratulations to everyone that has made it through this Ludum Dare! I still haven’t had the opportunity to play a great deal of games yet, but I can’t wait to see what some of your bubbly wacky minds came up with! If you weren’t able to make it to make it to the finish line this time yet, don’t push yourself too hard. We also weren’t successful on our first jams, but it was a matter of keep trying until we got there!

After having skipped Ludum Dare 39 in August, we’re proud to say that Whales And Games is back! And this, time, during our fourth Ludum Dare as a team, we’re proud to present you to Jazzy Beats!

Well, if that title card doesn’t already tell you what the whole deal is just by looking at it, then let me just tell you straight ahead what the whole game about – Being an Jazz-centring idol (appropriately named Jazzchan) and about capturing your rival’s fans hearts and turning them into your fans! The fastest way to get around doing that? Using the power of music, of course! Oh, and punching the living ? out of them too.

Why would you want to do that? Well, because that’s what your rival told them to do in the first place!

Why don’t you just get over her and settle matters with her person-to-person then? Well. Because solving business like that is professional-y questionable, you see.

So, get ready to Jazz and for some beat-em-up action! Make sure you score up on those combos together with your fans! You can check out the game over at our game page. You can either download it and play it on your desktop, or even play it on the browser directly! Yes, even with controller support! The more fans you get on your side, the worse it gets for the opponent idol. Make sure you convert as many fans as possible! ✨

We also have to thank all of the feedback we’ve already got by some great folks over at our game page, and we’ve been trying to return them as much feedback possible to their games as well (and will reply to the ones they left on our page soon)! ? If you got a game that’d you like to get some feedback on, make sure to post a link over in the comments that’ll make sure to play them the first opportunity I can get! ?

On behalf of everyone over at Whales And Games, thanks a lot for the whole experience that this Ludum Dare has been so far. Sure, we’re still on the beginning of the judging period, but just with all of the action from these last four days, we already know this is going to be one we’re not going to want to forget anytime soon. Thanks! ??