Waggy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! 2018 has come and gone, and we’re ready to make 2019 the waggy-ist year of Whales And Games yet! You might have seen some stuff coming from us last year, but we got a whole sea of stuff planned ahead for you! Prepare for a whale of a time! ??

Season’s Greetings from Whales And Games! Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Season’s greetings from all of us at Whales And Games! While they’re almost over already, we hope they were as snow-white as Whalechan’s hair and we wish you had or are having a fantastic time with yourself, your friends, family and/or loved ones! ??

While the banner is the same as the one we posted last year to celebrate the occasion, we have updated it with a fresh coat-of-paint and made a handful of tweaks. Similar to last year, the banner features characters from previous Ludum Dare entries such as ColossoramaPetty Puny Planet and Jazzy Beats, together with other games we have in development or that were part of our story as a team. Of course, Whalechan and Polite Whale are also present together with other minor characters that make part of our vast array of mascots.

However, if you look closely, we are also added and featured some-brand new characters, most notably, Monetization Man from Super Sellout which was our game for this Ludum Dare! If you feel like giving the gift of saving civilians from an array of different situations, we’d suggest you give it a try! Of course, you might also need to get some sponsors in order to pay-off the bills of the presents you bought yourself…

And that’s really it! We’re hope that you continue to enjoy the upcoming days as we get ready to close off the year! There’s only a few more days until judging ends and we will be replying to everyone that has left us a comment in the game and continue to push through judging and cover as many games as possible. If you’d like to celebrate the holiday mood with some strangers and share your game, you can also do so at our Discord server! Everyone is welcome to join and we’d love to see you there! ❤??

Whales And Games is in! Here’s to a splashing Ludum Dare 43! ?

What’s up, buckorinos? We’re knee-deep in pre-Ludum Dare 43 jollyness! The Whales and Games team is not only proud to announce that we’ll be wagging our way into the event, but also that, this time around, we’ve got our most all-stars and composed team as of yet, with most of our team members participating for the first time together!

We’ve got Jorge  and Kroltan on the programming key business, Moski on the wrist-wrecking artistic-doodle labor, Zak dropping the beats with audio composing, and Poncho doing whatever he finds interesting to do at the time of the jam because he couldn’t properly identify a role that fit him in time of the event! ?

Our tools of trade for this edition are the same they’ve always been, power-proofed and tested for the event!

  • Unity, most specifically the 2018.3 version that is still in beta, so we get used to working with those sweet nested prefabs during the jam!
  • FL-Studio for the audio composing, mixing and all. In Zak’s own personal words, “it’s good”.
  • Krita, the free open-source digital painting program, for 2D asset making purposes!

Now you know the team and you know the tools. But who exactly are we Whales and Games? Well, we’ve an indie game development team that has already participated a handful of times before in Ludum Dare. Our first game and our first Ludum Dare entry was Colossorama, originally made for LD36; followed by Hyper Holomayhem 37 for LD37; Petty Puny Planet for LD38; Jazzy Beats for LD40; with our latest entry being Wizsnooks for LD41. It makes up quite the portfolio.

We’ve been hard at work during the past months working on a new update to our first entry Colossorama, but decided it’d be good to catch a breath of fresh air to take a break by doing a new game jam game! Not the most solid definition of a break, but that’s what you get from a team of mostly workaholics.

f you’d like to accompany us during the jam, and also a place where you can show off your own progress and projects, we’ve got a whole sea-of-fun community over at our team’s Discord Server. You can also give us a follow at our team’s Twitter account! We’re looking forward for a splashing performance of you all! ?⏰

Whales And Games Status Report • November 2018

It’s been two months since we last wrote a status update regarding what we’ve been working on here at Whales And Games! To make sure everyone is always up to date with the last happenings, we’ll be posting more of these regularly. That being said, here’s what happened in the last few months, and here’s what’s coming next! ✅

  • We have announced Colossorama’s 1.3 Update entitled The Champions Update and have been working on it daily. The update already adds double the number of weapons the last update did, several new characters and much needed gameplay tweaks. No release date as of yet. Haven’t caught on with the update’s announcement yet? Here is is!
  • Our second planned major update is still in the works, and its base foundations have already been developed! However, most of the attention has been shifted to Colossorama to allow it to grow larger.
  • The same is the case with Shipyard, our set of backend tools. We’ve been working on it as Colossorama shapes up and have been improving its overall underlying structure.
  • We have returned to actively posting in our Social Media profiles, and have been posting new content Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays! If you haven’t followed us on other networks yet, you can follow us on Twitter and on Facebook.
  • We have started hosting Server Events on our Discord server, including events where the community plays online games together (Gaming Night Clubs), our very own Dungeons and Dragons campaign (Dungeons and Dragorbs) and one for collective brainstorming regarding the Whaleverse (Freeform WAG).  
  • Speaking about Discord, we have also gotten Discord Verified! This means we get to show-off a sexy checkmark next to our server name!
  • Last but not least, we will be participating in the upcoming Ludum Dare 43 from Dec 1st to Dec 3rd! We will be developing a new game jam project during this time to keep you holding you tight until the Colossorama update comes out! Please look forward to it!
  • And as you might have guessed it, yes, we’re still swimming in a sea-of-fun!  ?

This new status report also carries on various of the points of the previous one, like continuing to establish a reliable brand and team. For this upcoming Ludum Dare, five of our six team members will be participating, making it our largest team for a game jam yet! If you’d like to accompany development as it happens, make sure to join our Discord server! ⏳?

We’re now a Discord Verified Server!

If you’ve been in our Discord Server during this last week, you might have noticed that we are now a Discord Verified Server! It’s all thanks to everyone for helping make this server lively and talkative as it currently is! ☑

During the last month we’ve kicked off Server Events and it’s awesome that you’ve been greatly enjoying them! We’ve been slowly bringing new people aboard to our community and we look forward that, with our upcoming releases, even more people come to join us!
As a result of being verified, you can now invite anythrough through the new link at https://discord.gg/whalesandgames! No more having to create and share random invite links on the spot, although you can also use https://discord.whalesandgames.com if you prefer. If you know someone that you think would enjoy the server, make sure to invite them, as we’re close by to reaching 100 members! ??