Packing the car and heading on studio vacations!

It’s time to pack the car and head out! While we’ve been making great progress with Townseek lately, we feel now’s the best time to take a break and recharge our batteries! Just like last year, starting now and until the 2nd of September, we’ll be taking a studio break and going into some vacations! 🚗

If you’ve caught up to speed with our 5th anniversary post, you’ll know that these last months have been packed! Beyond all of the work we’ve been putting into the game, a lot has happened in these last eight months. We’ve had business trips, digital events, hosting our own community server events, and more. And of course, we’ve also been working through our company’s official setup! 

If we take a look at the bigger picture, we’ve been working practically non-stop for the past eight months now! While we love what we do and our work at Whales And Games, it’s still important that we get some rest. We want to make sure we’re fresh and fully charged to be able to continue doing what we do best. 🐳

Special artwork for us going on vacations! The image features the Whales And Games characters travelling through the beach in a Thing of the Void (Thothev) shape-shifted car. Whalechan is holding a surfboard out of the window, while Dapperchan arguably drives. Polite Whale is equally looking out the window while holding a kite in the shape of Townseek's shark shaped blimp. Hoop from Woofice Chair is in a portable dog house in the back. Buns Buns is holding to the car top. In the luggage stored at top of the car, Dapperfish is roped into place alongside a float of Cptn. Jawline.
Packing the car for some studio vacations!

But of course, we’re not just abandoning post! We’ve prepared a few posts ahead of time over on our Twitter and our Instagram with more Townseek previews and tidbits. Some new, some old, but if you’ve missed a few, now it’s a good time to give us a follow!

Like always, if anything pops up, you can send us a DM through our social media or our Discord Server. If you’ve got a business inquiry or a game-related support request, you can also email us directly at [email protected]! ✉️

If you’re on our Discord Server and something requires attention, the Helper Crabs are still available to moderate. Feel free to ask them for help in case we’re not around at the moment! 🦀

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After we’ve returned from vacations, we expect to be fully prepared for the big months ahead! We’re anticipating fantastic announcements and news as we get into the next phase of Townseek’s development. While we don’t have any dates for any announcements yet, keep your eyes peeled! 👀

Right on then, time to pack up! We’ll be back and ready to have an even greater whale of a time! Cheers, and see you soon! 🐳