Photograph the stars and create new constellations in Starsnap!

It’s a beautiful star shower, so grab a camera and immortalize the moment in Starsnap! 🌠

Photograph the shooting stars to stop them on their tracks. Then, connect them to create constellations, and place them back in the starry night sky! 

Take your time, enjoy the show, and rewrite the sky! It’s only you and the stars!

Starsnap is our new game and entry for the GMTK Game Jam 2021! Our entry marks the first time our team has participated in one of Mark Brown’s yearly game jams named after his youtube channel at Game Maker’s Toolkit. His channel has been a fantastic learning resource and inspiration for us as a team! We’ve long been looking to join one of his jams!

This weekend, our team poured our souls to make a more relaxing and calm experience. Looking at the stars is always a phenomenal experience, and we can always do with some peace and quiet every once in a while! 🌌 

The game can be played on the browser and is available to download over on! If you happen to be one of the 5,880 games that participated in the game jam, you can rate our game right here as well!

As an added bonus, once you have placed down enough constellations, you can save your very own star cluster into a one-of-a-kind desktop wallpaper! You can find more information about how to get your own desktop wallpaper over at the game page.

This time on the audio station we had long-time Whales And Games game jammer and contributor, Robinaite! We dare say that he did what’s likely his best audio composition for our team yet with this jam! 🎷

Finally, we’d love it if you could let us know what constellations you got and share your wallpaper creations with us! You can send us your constellations over at Discord or tweet them at us on Twitter! 👏

We’ll be spending the next few days rating games, but after that, it’s full hands-on back on the dock again! In case you missed it, we posted our Status Report for June back on friday, and it was full of news about Bunny Splash Casino and Townseek!

Well then, we hope you have a fantastic time with our relaxing lil’ game! 💫