Happy Whalidays and Season’s Greetings from Whales And Games!

You know what time it is! You’re likely in a jolly mood yourself! 🎄 Happy Whalidays and Season’s Greetings from all of our team at Whales And Games! Should you spend it with your family, loved ones, friends, or even by yourself, we wish you have a great time celebrating and enjoying these last days of the year!

The Whaleverse crew got together outside of Townseek’s Meowosville to play in the snow with their friends! They took this photo specifically for you to be able to join and feel some of their fun! Look at how cute Polite Whale and Capt. Jawline look dressed up as reindeers! 🦌

Main Artwork for Whales And Games’ Whalidays celebrations for 2022!

The artwork features several of our studio's mascots playing on the snow. Whalechan is dressing in a warm red sweater, a green scarf and a red Santa hat. She is jumping from under the snow with enthusiasm. A small reindeer is also doing the same right next to her.

Behind them, Captain Jawline, one of the shark characters from our game Townseek, is wearing reindeer antlers and a red nose while holding a red gift. At the bottom of the picture, Polite Whale is also wearing reindeer antlers, a red-nose while and is coloured like a reindeer.

Further on the back, Dapperfish is throwing a snowball directly at Dapperchan, surprising her in shock. Whiskey, a cat character from Townseek, is also wearing red holiday clothes while defending himself from Dapperfish. Another big reindeer is to the right of them, while an orange and blue penguin are playing on the snow.

The town of Meowosville is in the background, featuring its iconic blue and orange shaped cat buildings. The town is surrounded by some bushes, forests, and a night sky, complete with aurora borealis.

The artwork has a big grass hedge complete with holiday decorations at the top. It wishes viewers a “Happy Whalidays!” celebrating the holiday season in the real world!
Whalechan, Polite Whale and the rest of the crew dress up as reindeers for the Whalidays!

If you join us at Discord Server, we’ve set up a dedicated Whalidays Wonders channel for you to share holiday cheer with others! There you can share some of your holiday traditions, photos, and some of your gifts together with the community. You can post about something you got that surprised you, special food that you’ve prepared just for the occasion, or anything else that fits how you typically celebrate the season, everything goes. We’ll also be giving you a special permanent role if you share some of that with us! The channel is staying up until the 4th of January, so make sure you don’t miss it! ☕

This last year has been a big roller coaster of accomplishments and internal milestones! We dedicated most of the time to working on Townseek’s development, celebrated our fifth anniversary as we officially established our studio as a formal company; attended events in-person and digital; got nominated for awards and got a physical edition featuring Starsnap and Townseek’s Jam Version! And there’s a bunch more we could continue going with!

Collage of many of the Whales And Games milestones and achievements that happened during 2022. The first column starts with a screenshot from our game, Townseek, where the player’s ship is examining a beehive colony in an orange forest. It is followed by a second image featuring our Halloween artwork from this year, featuring Whalechan dressed as a Mermaid. The first column finishes with a photograph of Jorge receiving the Golden Bat for winning the Big Indie Pitch at PocketGamer Connects London at the start of the year.

The second column starts with our 5th anniversary artwork, featuring Whalechan, as well as many characters from our games. The second picture of the second column is a photograph of Jorge and Moski next to a big GDC sign from their travels to San Francisco for GDC for the first time. The second column finishes with another screenshot from Townseek, where the player’s ship is discovering the town of Jardineiro punctuated by its colourful multicoloured tree guardian.

The third column has a picture of Jorge and John (as well as José, the developer of Exophobia) in front of the Whales And Games stand for Lisboa Games Week featuring a playable version of Townseek. The second image is once again a Townseek screenshot, highlighting the trading mechanics of the game. The third column finishes with an artwork celebrating the release of the Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 2, with Whalechan highlighting the released tape together with characters from the Whales And Games games featured in the compilation.
A look back at the big roller coaster of this past year!

There’ll be tons of surprises to announce as we head further into the new year! Some of the stuff we have planned has been in the works for months. We would love for you to join us and celebrate with us once those announcements go public! 😊

Well then, have a whale of a time during the Whalidays and the festivities! We’ll catch you up ahead in the new year as we go into vacations during next week! Cheers! 🐳