Have a spooky party in La Reposada with Whalechan and friends for Whaloween!

It’s never too late to have a spooky party with Whalechan and friends! 👻 Gladly, the mood for candy, flowers, and Whaloween is always there at the Townseek town of La Reposada! From gorgeous full moons, sugary delights, to fun partying skeletons, the town is brimming in spirit! 🌼

As it’s tradition, we’re once again celebrating the spooky season with a dedicated Whaloween artwork! Unfortunately, it seems someone pulled a sneaky trick on us and we had a bit of a technical issue getting the artwork posted at the appropriate time. Nonetheless, that won’t stop us from having a ghastly good time! 🎃

Well, come on then, grab a bowl of candy and flowers, and join the party! 🍬

Celebratory artwork for the Whales And Games halloween and whaloween celebrations for 2023. Whalechan, our mascot, is sitting on top of a giant candy on grassy hills. She is dressed with floral stockings, a poncho and a sombrero, and she's throwing around some candy.

The background of the artwork is set on the Townseek town of La Reposada, composed of candle shaped houses with colourful windows, adornments, and spirit flames lit on top of the buildings. There is a full moon in the sky. The game's airship, a wooden boat with a shark-shaped balloon, is blowing some bubble gum while floating in the sky. 

To the next of Whalechan, Don Hueso, a skeleton wearing a colourful poncho, is sitting on top of another candy while carrying around Dapperfish, a round derp-eyed fish. To their right, Polite Whale, our mascot, is wearing a ghost costume and giving a candy to a delivery ghost called Ghustavo. Finally, the artwork features the text "Celebrate the Night!!".
Whalechan and the crew enjoy the night of La Reposada!

This year, we wanted to merge elements from both Halloween and Dia de Muertos into a joint piece of art! While the two are very separate traditions, for us, they’re two of the holidays we enjoy the most. After a trip that our team did to Southern México a few weeks ago, it felt appropriate to bring some of our highlights from it into this one picture! 🧡

While we’re not hosting any special event over at our Discord Server this year, the partying mood is always there! If you haven’t had the chance, we’d love for you to join us and our very active and friendly community over at the server.

Join our Discord Server!
Join our Discord Server!

If you want to visit La Reposada yourself, and explore more of the world we’re creating in Explora, then make sure that you have already wishlisted Townseek on Steam! We’ve now approaching the endgame of development. While we still have quite a lot of work ahead, it’s shaping up nicely! 

We’ll be posting more about the game in the upcoming months and leading up to new years! If you’re looking for more information, keep an eye out on our social media and on the Steam News. 🧭

We love to celebrate our characters, and while they haven’t been seen around much, they continue cheering us on! ✨ And if the lighter Whaloween celebrations don’t help you fill in your holiday mood, we’re already preparing our Whalidays in advance! We’ll see you then! Cheers! 🐧