Participate on the great game show with Vast Trivia Of The Void!

What would an omniscient creature of the abyss do with all that knowledge? Well, host a trivia game, of course! Join the challenge of the Thing Of The Void (or Thothev for short) in Vast Trivia Of The Void and go deep into the abyss to win big! 👾

Put your knowledge of several topics to the test! Sports, history, science, anime, videogames and more! But since Thothev thought that just knowing wasn’t fun enough, move around in his playground, collecting cards and increasing your combo! Cash out or go deeper, for higher rewards but possibly higher risks! Monetary, of course!

Do you have what it takes to make it big? Will you come out as a winner in the biggest game show from the darkest pits of the universe?

Vast Trivia Of The Void is our brand new entry from Whales And Games for Ludum Dare 48! That’s worth three hectic days (plus porting to more platforms) of game development. And all of that was right after our release of Townseek last week! We may be super tired, but that’s not stopping us from hyping it around!

You can download the game, play it on the web or, as surprise, play it on your android mobile devices over on! And if you were around Ludum Dare, you can rate our game here

In addition to our own questions, we’re also experimenting with allowing for users to make their own questions! For that, we’ve made the User Questions Manual with instructions of how anyone can make their own question packs! Neat! If you make some, or just want to discuss your own experiences with Thothev and his game, you can do so over at our Discord!

Joining us for audio this time around was Zak Blystone who has previously joined us while making Super Sellout and Petty Puny Planet, and his synth music fit our trivia game show like a glove! 👏

This month was truly packed-full of small happenings and games! We’re extremely proud and humbled by the reception that both Townseek and Vast Trivia Of The Void have been getting. We’ll be taking a few days-off to recover from all this jamming and play some of the jam’s games, but we still have Bunny Splash Casino and more on the horizon! We’ll talk about some more of our plans in our upcoming May’s Status Report, so we’ll be catching you then!

Enjoy Thothev’s crazy game show, and enjoy deepening your transdimensional trivia knowledge! 🌌