Seek New Artifacts and Stars in Townseek’s The Star-Seeker Update!

It’s time to set sail again and strike the earth! Seek new discoveries, artifacts and shooting stars on The Star-Seeker Update for Townseek! 🌠

Grab a pickaxe and travel far and wide as you look for the new mines! Strike rocks to find minerals and artifacts within! Stay alert for shooting-stars that you can mine for stardust, which will turbo your ship for faster travels! Seek the new town of Vushkaar for new items! Alongside many more new additions, polish tweaks and gameplay improvements! ⛏️

After the very surprisingly warm reception of Townseek’s original release, we knew that we wanted to expand the game even further! We settled very early-on that we wanted to add a new side-activity akin to Fishing and adding Mining as the focus for this update felt like the most obvious choice!

Of course, there’s more new stuff in this update than just Mining though! Here are some highlights of what the update brings! 👇

  • Strike the earth with Mining! With mining, we’ve introduced five new mines spread across the map together with 19 new minerals and 12 new artifacts. Of course, you can expect to find your standard Copper and Gold in the mix, but there are also new materials unique to Townseek’s world such as Sharknite, Moltium and Helliumite! There’s also a whole new panel in your collection to complete!
  • Be on the lookout for shooting stars! Being the namesake of this update, after you obtain your pickaxe, shooting stars will start crashing into the world! You can mine these stars for special stardust which fuels your ship during turbos! Use it to travel between towns faster to help you get those final missing balloons and items!
  • Visit the new town of Vushkaar and meet its new host Mjolnette! There’s a new set of town items to trade for, with delicacies such as the infamous Turrón and the masterly-crafted Ship Model. In addition, there’s also a new unique Vushkaar balloon that you can get from the town. You’ll have to find out what it looks like for yourself!
  • Fish for new species and trash! There’s some new species of fish to be found at fishing spots. Seek out the adorable Helper Crabs and look for the mythical Sea Dragon! However, it seems like some trash has found its way into the ocean as well, and you might come across stuff like Seaweed, Top Hats and even Ancient Coffins while fishing!
  • And several new additions and fixes! You can now export and import your save data from the title screen; there are new crate variations; functional scrollbars on towns and on the inventory; new critters spread across the continents; clearer trading information; and several bug fixes!

As usual, this brand-new update is available for all desktop platforms and playable through the web over on and Game Jolt! You can also find the full patch notes for this update here!

Working with Townseek’s world has been really enjoyable, and, alongside this update, we’ve got some big news for Townseek that we’ll be announcing very soon! When you open this update, you’ll likely immediately spot what we’re talking about. When you see it, make sure to click on one of those new blue banners and keep your eyes out for the full announcement. 👀

As always, if you’d like to talk about some of the new stuff in this update, you can join us over at our Discord! You can also feel free to also tweet at us over on Twitter as well! 

Now then, go soar the skies, and enjoy the new wonders the world of Townseek has to offer! Cheers! 🐳