Super Sellout’s Art Asset Sweatshop

Hey there, fellow whippersnappers. It’s a Whales and Games tradition to share our game development perspective. And, as I’ve done a few times in the past, I’ll be giving y’all some good old insight about the artwork done for our Ludum Dare 43 game. This time, for our not-really-endless and very-slightly-on-theme superhero runner Super Sellout!

Almost every single pixel you see on the screen that’s not text was made with Krita, which is a free open-source digital painting program. If you want to get into asset making, even if it’s pixel art, I recommend it. Just download it, get a $40-$80 tablet, read a few tutorials, and you’re ready to go.

So, with Krita and a tablet, I was able to make spritesheets for pretty much everything. The main character, the people in need, the background, UI, and even the logo. Almost everything starts with a sketch, then lining up, coloring, adding details, arranging, and saving as a backgroundless PNG, to be imported in Unity.

Did I do anything special this time around? Other than trying a different style, not really. Our previous projects, like Petty Puny PlanetJazzy Beats and Wizsnooks, had a very similar workflow. It all starts with some sketches, then making their respective lineart, coloring, shading, and adding final touches.

Granted, actually making in-depth animations could have taken too long, so we took a lot of shortcuts. I’d like to talk some other day about the design and looks, but long story short, we opted for some paper-cut-out style so that we could justify having so few frames, and thus, allow me to make more content in other places. That’s why we’ve got so many people to rescue, different buildings, menus and what not. In a way, you could say I sacrificed some things in one area to add to others.

Krita, the digital painting program, excels at that, painting, but doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for gamedev assets. Heck, I used it for pixel art for Ludum Dare 36 and 37, and I’m pretty sure that people more talented than me could even make vectors or some impressive stuff. At least on my level, it works to create PNG files that can be easily used in Unity by the rest of the team. That includes the characters, UI elements and even the logo.

Gamejams are a very hectic experience, and it’s extremely hard to juggle between designing, programming, making art, music, playtesting, polishing and delivering. If I was able to make artwork that’s easily recognizable, it’s only because the Whales and Games team were hard at work with the rest of the elements. They do what I cannot do, and I do what they can’t do. They’re the best. If you’d like to come hang out with the team at some point, you’re more than welcome into our Discord server. Come in and we’ll talk about Warframe, Smash bros, the dankest of memes, and cute anime girls high end videogame development.

Here’s hoping you’re having a fantastic rating season. We’re still playing games around, and some have been among the best ones I’ve seen in gamejams to date. Y’all are faaaantastic! Anyhow, I believe I’ve overstayed my welcome. If you’d like to have some more insights from my previous art works, do take a look at the following links. And if you’d rather read about scripting instead of art, my little buddy Jorge got you covered. with an in-depth take about the innards of the game. Keep your chins up and have a fantastic weekend, friendorinos! ?

For those who aren’t Smashing right now

Happy Smash Bros Ultimate release! For those that aren’t skipping the rating season to try to unlock Isabelle or cry after getting the Waluigi spirit why would you do this, Sakurai, I made a goof. Your friends of Whales and Games are statistic as well.

We’re still celebrating being able to participate again on the Ludum Dare jam, which has given us the possibility to create so many characters. The latest, from Ludum Dare 43, is Monetization Man, from Super Sellout, which you should totally give a try. Turns out, in a way, I’m kind of a sellout too, huh? ?

The team and the community are freakin’ busy smashing each other at the Whales and Games Discord Server, so if you wanna hop in, or share with us your game, or just hang out, you’re oh so very welcome. And if you’d like to stay in contact through more traditional social media, you can follow us through Twitter too, and tweet us if you unlock Isabelle before I do, so I get freaking jealous! Other than that, continue enjoying the rating season! ?

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Sacrifice safety for sponsorship in Super Sellout!

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s shameless marketing! The Whales and Games team is proud to present Super Sellout!

Hero duty for super profit! Monetization Man is ready to go save people from disaster, but since being a good guy doesn’t pay the bills, he’ll be needing some sponsors… or as many as he can get.

Sacrifice your integrity to earn big bucks at Super Sellout! Control Monetization Man, the invincible, indestructible and insufferably greedy superhero that will take any and all offers to make it through the month. Accept sponsors, sacrifice your mobility, and try to make as much money as you can! Money, money, money!

In behalf of our team, I hope you enjoy the game and the Ludum Dare rating season. If you have any games you’d like for us to checkout and rate, then make sure to leave them in the comments as we’ll check them first place!

We also have our very own team Discord server and would love for you to share your entries there as well!

See y’all on the flip side! ?

Looks like our cityscape is starting to shape up!

Now you can actually see some skyscrapers! In fact, we’re walking on top of some skyscrapers in endless fashion! And running! We think you get the overall point. ??

The game is coming alive right in front of our eyes! There’s still another two days of whole refining and making the game feel fluid, fun and engaging ahead of us! In case you are also participating, make sure you have a great jam! (We’d love to feature your games after the jam is over.)

Are you also working on your mind and are somehow still awake at 6AM working on your game? We’d love to see some of the progress of your own games over at our team’s Discord server!

Whales And Games is in! Here’s to a splashing Ludum Dare 43! ?

What’s up, buckorinos? We’re knee-deep in pre-Ludum Dare 43 jollyness! The Whales and Games team is not only proud to announce that we’ll be wagging our way into the event, but also that, this time around, we’ve got our most all-stars and composed team as of yet, with most of our team members participating for the first time together!

We’ve got Jorge  and Kroltan on the programming key business, Moski on the wrist-wrecking artistic-doodle labor, Zak dropping the beats with audio composing, and Poncho doing whatever he finds interesting to do at the time of the jam because he couldn’t properly identify a role that fit him in time of the event! ?

Our tools of trade for this edition are the same they’ve always been, power-proofed and tested for the event!

  • Unity, most specifically the 2018.3 version that is still in beta, so we get used to working with those sweet nested prefabs during the jam!
  • FL-Studio for the audio composing, mixing and all. In Zak’s own personal words, “it’s good”.
  • Krita, the free open-source digital painting program, for 2D asset making purposes!

Now you know the team and you know the tools. But who exactly are we Whales and Games? Well, we’ve an indie game development team that has already participated a handful of times before in Ludum Dare. Our first game and our first Ludum Dare entry was Colossorama, originally made for LD36; followed by Hyper Holomayhem 37 for LD37; Petty Puny Planet for LD38; Jazzy Beats for LD40; with our latest entry being Wizsnooks for LD41. It makes up quite the portfolio.

We’ve been hard at work during the past months working on a new update to our first entry Colossorama, but decided it’d be good to catch a breath of fresh air to take a break by doing a new game jam game! Not the most solid definition of a break, but that’s what you get from a team of mostly workaholics.

f you’d like to accompany us during the jam, and also a place where you can show off your own progress and projects, we’ve got a whole sea-of-fun community over at our team’s Discord Server. You can also give us a follow at our team’s Twitter account! We’re looking forward for a splashing performance of you all! ?⏰